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SuisseMecanica is founded by designers and watch enthusiasts Juliana Arbeláez-Renoult and François Renoult in early 2010, the brand is devoted to the idea of creating watches in the pure tradition of those who have helped write the history of Haute Horlogerie; the search for perfection is a key part of their creative approach.

SuisseMecanica embodies the perfect balance between the highest quality watchmaking, technical innovations and powerful design. Based in La Chaux-de-Fonds the watches are 100% artisan Swiss Made. SuisseMecanica develops timepieces available exclusively in limited editions.
SuisseMecanica creates, develops and produces its timepieces with the help of the finest artisans of Swiss Jura, right in the very heart of Swiss watchmaking territory.

The SUISSEMECANICA SM8 is the first collection to be produced in series by the brand. It already has its own patent, for the sliding crown protector system (SCPSy); this innovation sets it apart from all other timepieces.
The SUISSEMECANICA SM8 collection consists of two outstandingly well-designed and crafted 200m diving instruments, the SM8 and the SM8 CHRONO – with only 100 being made in all for the first edition. Each model is individually engraved with its serial number, from 1/50 to 50/50.
The watches were officially launched at Belles Montres in November 2012 in Paris and showed for the first time at BASELWORLD 2013, the SUISSEMECANICA SM8 collection was one of the revelations of the shows, thanks to the powerful and ingenious design of the timepiece cases; highly resistant, made to protect the extremely efficient mechanical manufactured calibers.
The SUISSEMECANICA SM8 CHRONO BLACK / STEEL model was selected to compete for a prestigious award: “Montre de l’Année 2013” in Geneva. This Timepiece is one of the 40 finalists for the final vote and will be exhibited at the evening Awards 2013 which will take place on October 25, 2013 in Geneva. SuisseMecanica Design and Innovations have been recognized by the most important Swiss watch experts!

SM8 Three handed 11,900 Euro
SM8 Monopusher Chronograph 13,900 Euro

Factory shots:

SM8 Monopusher Chronograph “Black-Black”

SM8 Three Handed “Black-Black”

SM8 Monopusher Chronograph “Steel-Black”

SM8 Three Handed “Black-Steel”

SM8 Monopusher Chronograph “Black-Steel”

SuisseMecanica SM8 Monopusher Chrono demo, from

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