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Swiss Made is back at Ikepod.

In line with iconic Megapode Chronograph, using New Old Stock Swiss La Joux – Perret movement, vintage automatic La Joux-Perret 8103 24dt movement

Skypod is a limited edition in Titanium with rubber pin strap.

The titanium case of the Ikepod Skypod is assembled by a master watchmaker,  like gen1 and gen2 Ikepod watches. The Ikepod Skypod has been technically improved with dials designed by CLAESSON KOIVISTO RUNE.

Master Watchmaker, Roland Gloor

TheSkypod is still 50% less expensive than the 2012 Megapod and same price as 2006 Megapod. Ikepod are using NOS movement from La Joux Perret the calibre 8103 24dt,  serviced in 2022. Master watchmaker, Roland Gloor the gen2 developer and watchmaker is still on board. Roland Gloor is painstakingly building each Sky pod in the three small edtions. Ikepod have a great legacy and good people designing and building fantastic watches.



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