HYT Watches

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HYT Watches

HYT Watches

The brand easily associated with liquid…specifically Hydraulics!

Yes, that’s correct, the first mechanical watch company to utilized hydraulics in combination with mechanics. Facinating?


Davide Cerrato, the Director/CEO has come from successful runs at Tudor and then Mont Blanc to create a complete vision for the future.

Mr.Cerrato readily admits the unique technology is far from it’s complete exposure to date. He sees a lot of “space” for incredible watches to come.

The first, Hastroid has revised the basic vision of HYT to be both modern in materials and design. The case, made of carbon and titanium is both lightweight and ergonomically thoughtful.

…yet, Space has become a theme for HYT. “The world of space exploration makes a lot of sense and expresses the extreme technological content of our timepieces. The Hastroid, first expression of the new HYT, is really wearable, thinner and lighter and perfectly readable on top of expressing a very unique futuristic design and identity.” 

“A new smaller fluidic module is used now, encapsulating 10 years of improvements. A new mechanical manufacture movement developed with Eric Coudray and PurTec allows for a dramatic improvement in terms of synchronisation of fluidic and mechanical time. The habillage (otherwise known as the casing) is fresh with high-tech materials such as titanium and carbon fibre; it was developed with a modular construction that will allow HYT to easily propose multiple possibilities”  

HYT HASTROID “Green Nebula”  an Edition of 27 watches

HYT HASTROID “SUPERNOVA”-BLUE   an Edition of 27 watches


Davide Cerrato via WORLDTEMPUS 

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