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Martin Pulli watches & jewelry ,I handpick the finest brands from around the world…While some of the manufacture are indeed “Brands”, there are some that are uniquely independent watchmakers. I make this distinction because there is a difference, with neither being better than the other. It’s just two different philosophical approaches to horology.

The “Brands” I choose, have a small annual production value. Meaning, compared with large corporate brands, these brands produce only a very small percentage of the number of watches produced annually by the larger commercial enities. The products tend to be much more niche oriented, with focus on precise market segments. Also, these “boutique” brands are service first. A service first model furthers my ideal of service.

In terms of watches Martin Pulli chooses, where a living watchmaker has his (hopefully, one day, “her”) name on the dial, the approach is different. I know each of these watchmakers and I look at their work as mechanical art. In fact, each produces watches that are of their own unique style and approach to horology.The watchmakers all draw from their own unique set of experiences and aesthetics, to express their art. Each watchmaker has stepped away from the day to day of commercial watchmaking to express their own viewpoint on contemporary holorolgy. A difficult but satisfying route to a unique body of work. I am proud of each of these relationships and I believe the Independents are the most exciting, progressive and innovative segment of contemporary watchmaking. Add in the potential to hear about the watches, direct from the creator and I feel ike this is the most exciting horological experienceWatches are meant to be worn and enjoyed. I always remind collectors to remember the joy of their first watch. Hopefully, each continues to feel this way each time a new “discovery” is made! Martin Pulli takes pride in collectors discovering new adventures in horology.