Sarpaneva  K0 Divers Model  “One of a Few”

The humble description from Stepan Sarpaneva, who is most humble.
“An executive class sports watch in which the timer ring is directly integrated into the movement. This unique feature allows all functions to be set by using only one crown.”

I will take occasion to wax on a bit more about my friends’ fine new watch he has created from his own brain and hands. The K0 is a watch which has taken shape over the past few years. The K0 started it’s life as a prototype in BaselFair 2 years ago. Now, through the paistaking perfectionist process of design, revision, re-design and evolution, the K0 comes to market. The watch itself is housed in a 46mm diameter Stainless Steel case. Now, for all of you wrist challenged (like myself), smaller wristed collectors don’t fear! The case is well thought out. It’s made in a large diameter, but to fit even the smallest of mens (or come on ladies you know you want one too!) wrists. The case itself is a unique evolution of the Korona. The aggressive design is completely unique to Sarpaneva. As though a round case has been thoughtfully “scooped” and sculpted to form an undulating case side.The shape is facinating, modern and Scandic (after all it’s born in Helsinki, Finland) The watch looks unlike any other in the World! Now, how often may you claim that in todays watch world? The case is a a very thin 11.2mm tall! That’s right, it wears low profile, like a dress watch…and it’s an automatic calibre inside! The case is designed to be 300 meters water resistant, so, sports are in focus.
Stepan has been very thoughtful with the details as well. He continues to work with a style of “layered” dials. The center stainless steel dial is pierced to make a “grille” structure and then DLC coated in
either blue or a deep antracite (almost black) finish. Superluminove is filled into the discreet indices to complete the sportif utility. Now, the trick concept. Stepan has designed a unique timing ring/bezel
for this watch that sits under the lens. The timing ring is made of stainless steel and coated in dlc. The trickiest part…’s contolled via the operating crown in the first position! Very cool, very clean and mostly very, very smart! I love it! Stepan is offering the K0 in several cosmetic options. The first are the Stainless Steel variations with either blue dlc dial or anthracite dial. The K0 will also be offered in “two toned” version that has a DLC (black) bezel and back. Also, there will be a Full Black DLC version. Either offered with the antracite or blue DLC dials. The hands are a new handset, designed and finished for the K0. All three hands are finished with Superluminova.

Stepan has also ventured to offer yet another variation of the K0, the “Wuoksi”. The Wouksi features a unique MoonFace indication @ “12”. The face of Stepan’s now infamous moon has just the eyes peering from the depths of the mechanical aperture where the adjustable timing ring rests on the “standard” K0. A disk of Northern hemisphere travels the circumference of the case in 29.5 days to reveal or cover our MoonFace. A brilliant addition to an already expansive catalog of past and present watches from Stepan Sarpaneva. How long will he make this variation? No one knows. That’s the fun, hopefully your dream watch is available when you are ready!

The K0 is a very comfortable watch. The rubber strap is made for Sarpaneva by Hirsch Austria and it’s, at once, very stylish and very, very comfortable. The K0 is exactly as it’s described by Sarpaneva, an executive class sports watch! The editions are very small, making all of Stepan’s watches exclusive. Like it says on the back of the K0, “One of a Few”.

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