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Habring2 Felix (LINK)
Habring2 Erwin (LINK)

Habring² Doppel Perpetual http://www.martinpulli.com/watches/habring²-perpetual-doppel/

Habring2  – Who are they?

Habring2  are Maria and Richard Habring. The only watch manufacture from the country of Austria. Habring2, Maria and Richard are a husband and wife team that head up a small workshop, based in Volkermarkt, Austria, in Corinthia which is not far from the Slovenian border. Richard Habring designed movements and did conceptual development for larger corporate watch companies since the early 1990’s. Richard continues technical drawings and technical consultancy for other manufacture while continuing to produce watches under the Habring2 name. Maria is the managing director of Habring Uhrentechnik OG. Maria is responsible for design, customer services, consulting, quality control and after-sales service for reputable companies in the watch-making industry.

The watches produced by Habring2 are ranging with tremendous possibilities. The calibre A11 movement – has sustainably and has proved its worth .We’ve been entirely spared any teething problems. And so the time came to make the technology available to its brothers and sisters. Since around mid-2015 the different variants of the A11 have replaced the preceding movements that were based on large-series components in all of the older Habring² models, with the current exception of the chronographs.Thanks to its intelligent design the A11 not only enabled the replacement of previous movements but also a number of new developments. The modular addition of the jumping second – in 2007 Habring² was the first manufacturer to present such a new design – turns the A11B (Basis) into the A11S (jumping second). And its installation in the slim 38.5 mm case means Felix has a twin brother named Erwin.
Erwin is at least as handsome and just as big as its older twin, although slightly more plump. Its movement with the jumping second is still a slim 5.7 mm and its 9 mm case fits comfortably beneath even snug-fitting sleeve cuffs. This is made possible by the new design of the jumping second that is much flatter in comparison to earlier hand-wound watch movements with this little complication. Erwin‘s heartbeat is determined by hand-mounted and adjusted escapement parts that is made in-house – very much in the old-fashioned manner – and therefore has no need to fear even the most challenging trials. Erwin‘s case is 100% Made in Austria – as are those of every member of the Habring² family. The raw material is tempered in the smelter of world famous steel specialist Böhler of Kapfenberg and then processed by metalworking experts.
Habring2 designs take a holistic approach to the process of manufacture. The designs echo the classic watches of the 1950’s. Habring2 offers  a variety of watch types with traditional complications.  A simplistic approach to watches, which harkens the best of the past and instantly states classicism. The watches are available in 38.5mm case sizes, but with a few  variations now in 38.5mm with 41mm “Flange” bezel. The collection has evolved so mch since 2014, that we’re constantly racing to provide an array of aesthetic details for each model series. Now, we’re into 38.5mm for the Doppel Split Second Chronograph, Chrono Felix Perpetual and “Smart Felix” arrangements. Please contact me to learn more about what is possible as we’re into first series of most of these.

Habring² have a tremendous catalog for a micro manufacture!

For more information:  http://www.habring2.com

Chrono Felix Perpetual


“Josef” Jumping Seconds Regulator, 40mm stainless steel cushioned case

Doppel 38 (38.5mm case with a 40mm flange bezel)

Chrono Felix (Smart Felix)

Felix & Erwin Scientific- salmon/copper

Erwin Scientific “Globetrotter”

Erwin “Tuxedo”

Felix and Erwin “Weiss” (White) with White lacquer dials and blued handset


Doppel Felix Perpetual

5 Minutes Repeater

Foudroyante Felix

Chrono Felix Sport


Chrono Felix


Doppel Felix

Erwin “Scientific” V.2 2018




Jumping Pilot with Date (on a pointer)



Felix 42mm with date

Felix “Scientific”



Habring2 via A Blog to Watch, interviews reveal the Zeitgeist of the watchmakers.


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