Vintage Watches

I have a heart and soul in horology that beats and pulses because of vintage and antique watches. I have grown up with watches, pocket watches and clocks. I have always liked everything about all of them. Hunting cases, demi-hunter, open dials, ball watches, early wrist watches of all brands. I’ve always chased interesting, vintage watches

Everything I have come to like and enjoy about modern watches, stems from this love of vintage. I love traditional details and forms. I recognize many watches at a distance always. Recently, while attending iGOTT2 in Las Vegas, I discovered that I have not forgotten many of the references or nicknames for many of vintage favorites.  After a few drinks the memories and love of these watches makes new watch friends. Everyone loves to tell their stories about the search for and the discovery of each of their treasures. Each collector loves to point out the details that draw them to each watch. I love it. The stories are as much fun as the watches and the fellowship is precious.

I have enjoyed many years of connection with my father, collecting and enjoying many fine watches of all eras. Road trips and hundreds of miles of trade shows with my dad have enriched every year of my life. I still love every minute. The thrill of the hunt and the joy of the find. Every piece is a treasure. I always have a collection on display in the showroom. It’s so nice to discover classic details.

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