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Trilobe watches are born from the imagination of Gautier Massonneau.

Gautier Massonneau, is the son of an architect and a decorator. He was encouraged to use his imagination and creativity, while respecting the tradition of design as it relates to beauty and complexities. In order to bring Trilobe to “life” , Gautier was forced to wrestle with a watchmaking dichotomy, honoring tradition while expanding the possibilities of modern watchmaking with “technolâtrie”. The great challenge of Trilobe, balance, while merging the use of ingenious new mechanical concepts, with timeless and classical design.

Over three years of Research and development, design concepts and prototyping in Switzerland yield the pillars of what Gautier Massonneau is pleased to call a Trilobe watch. The watch itself embodies the spirit of Gautier’s passion for arts, architecture and literature. A conceptual watch which leaves the collector intrigued by complexity, while simultaneously realizing the subtle and classic simplicity of the design.

Trilobe watches stand out for their perspective of telling the time, which are anti-utilitarian. Trilobe watches,instead of needing a quarter of second to read time, it may require half a second more.
Gautier Massonneau loves to think of the collector whom lives swimming against the tide of traditional watchmaking utilitarianism. The traditional utilitarianism, which pushes us to require and expect everything instantaneously, will inspire just such a collector to wear a Trilobe.
“Because the true luxury today is to take its time.”

The Manufacture of Trilobe.

After involving the Chronode manufacture (Jean- François Mojon) for the implementation of its X-Centric vision of watchmaking, Trilobe has entrusted its new manufacture and partner of La Chaux-de-Fonds with the task of re-architecturing its automatic movement with a micro-rotor. Its mission: combine the technical challenge with an ‘‘artistically offbeat’’ approach, while perpetuating Swiss watchmaking excellence. In that spirit, the calibre was designed from amazing architectural perspectives that will take you back to the genesis of Trilobe adventure.

The craftsmen who manufacture Trilobe’s watches preserve the ancestral know-how of master watchmakers of La Chaux-de-Fonds, in order to create pieces that meet the highest quality standards. Their search for perfection and their manual intelligence express themselves in the hidden details of the movement. The iconic stature of this unique Trilobe movement does not only reside in its technical complexity, but also in its handmade finishes involving an outstanding level of detail. Modern, sleek, and refined, these finishes, whether visible or hidden in the heart of the watch, make this calibre into a real artistic creation: micro-blasted and wedged bridges & plates, hand polished wedged ratchet and tints in Trilobe shades.

Trilobe- The Nuit Fantastique

The design of the Nuit Fantastique favors minimalism and plays on perceptions.
The elegant, grained dial is a real technical challenge, underlying the elegance of the Nuit Fantastique .
The Nuit Fantastique defies symmetrical shapes and is made up of four parts, three of which are in permanent rotation.
The largest ring is for the hours; the minutes wheel that appears within an aperture and the seconds wheel, which alternates between a “Clous de Paris” centre and an azured ring.

The intertwining of the minutes and seconds gives a glimpse of the infinite and the time that goes on endlessly, within a satin-finished and polished in-dial bezel.
A new touch of universality and timelessness that is part of this time set in motion, always counterclockwise, an X-Centric conception of watchmaking at the foundations of Trilobe.

After freeing time, Trilobe frees up space, a new architectural gesture. It’s both contemporary and classic, Nuit Fantastique is a plunge into the deconstructivism called «New Modern Architecture». An architecture that invites to rethink freely: new geometries, atypical forms, movement and dynamism! This unconventional architecture shakes up what we know, disturbs our way of conceiving forms and their functions. It is a new movement that advocates the go beyond the traditional patterns.

2022 Launch is Une Folle Journée  

Remaining faithful to our Maison’s offset artistic DNA, Une Folle Journée is a piece which echoes Trilobe’s first editions and puts our fundamental pillars into perspective. With its rotating and floating eccentric rings, this collection hits new heights by combining fine watchmaking traditions with a contemporary design.

The three rotating rings rush forward, carrying with them the scales of time: the largest ring for hours, the median one for minutes, the smallest one for seconds.

Une Folle Journée is equipped with the X-Centric calibre, a signature automatic movement  with micro-rotor developed exclusively for Trilobe.

The Watch hits new heights to forge a technical bond between its off-centre rings and its X-Centric signature movement. The dial, open for the first time, enables to savour the watchmaking craftsmanship of a Swiss Made calibre, without losing sight of the rotating rings’ singularity. This is what makes the strength of Trilobe’s innovation: the rings are intrinsic to the movement, which alone makes it possible to free Time!

Grade 5 titanium
Thickness: 17.8mm I Diameter: 40.5mm
Height of the dome: 10.2mm
Lug to lug: 48mm I Lug width: 20mm
Mirror-polished surfaces alternating with
satin-brushed treatments
Domed bezel with sapphire crystal and multi-layered anti-reflective treatment (ARDUR)
Anti-reflective sapphire back
Water-resistance tested to 5 bar (≈ 50 meters)

TRILOBE – Une Folle Journée  ($21,700) 


Trilobe- Nuit Fantastique ($8,800)   (2022 in Grade 5 Titanium=$9,900)


Trilobe-Les Matinaux ($8,800) (2022 in Grade 5 Titanium=$9,900)


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