Vintage Cufflinks

I have always enjoyed cufflinks and the variety of cufflinks styles from all eras. Cufflinks are one of the few jewelry collectibles for men. Over many years I have come to know many men that enjoy collecting special cufflinks. Most of these men utilize their cufflinks several days of the week with their daily suiting. Others, enjoy collecting to use their collection occasionally for special occasions. Whether you are the former, or the latter, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you enjoy the feeling one gets from being “Completely” dressed. I always have vintage cufflinks on hand in the showroom. I am also pleased to offer cufflinks from TF 1968. TF 1968 produces a hand made, limited edition cufflinks model that encompasses an escapement and cage of a Tourbillon. Watch lovers and non-watch fans alike will be wow-ed with these.

I am certain that many guys inspired to collect cufflinks may recollect watching their own fathers or grandfathers finishing dressing for work or a special occasion. The few special items that are laid out to finish an ensemble are always the same intriguiging objects. A pocket watch, for some? A fine wristwatch, for others? Always, the cufflinks. I am certain the guys who have this recollection also may close their eyes to this day and visualize what those cufflinks looked like. Maybe, they’re lucky enough to have them passed to them and in their own collections now. Then, they look forward to the joy of passing those cufflinks and their own to their own children and grandchildren. What a joy.

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