Sarpaneva- Northern Lights

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Sarpaneva- Northern Lights

Sarapneva (Stepan Sarpaneva) of Helsinki, Finland has outdone himself again. Stepan is always pushing himself to find the “Next” thing to add to his repertoire. Those who(m) are already aware of Steapn’s work know that he works in very small editions of handmade watches. Stepan-Sarpaneva_016Stepan is always quick to say his watches “Are not for everyone”, because he knows he makes very special watches that are as much art as they are an instrument. Three years ago Stepan launched a 46mm watertight case and dubbed the watch K0 Diver(in stock now). Is the K0 a sport diver in the traditional sense? Of course, it’s not. The K0 was meant to be more “simple” but Stepan simply could not compromise on the details of his watches. Handmade dials and custom finishes soon evolved into a special collection of their own. Stepan even did a few “Wuoksi” moonphase models (in stock now) and the unique “Moonshine” also in the 46mm cases.

Now, we see yet the next evolution of the K0. K0 Northern Lights are inspired works by the watchmaker that has the most unique love/hate relationship with his muse, the moon. The Moon lumes strongly in a wide swath of Stepan’s work. The “Black Moon”(Red Dot Award), followed by the “Harvest Moon”, the “Northern Stars” , “Moonshine” , K0 “Wuoksi” and now, “K0 Northern Lights”.

The “Northern Lights” are based in the 46mm K0 case. Stepan creates a series of layered dials for each watch. First, a “Moon” dial which is laser pierced with stars of the Northern skies and hand fitted with Stepan’s unique moonface, one white, one yellow. The moon dial works on a 29 day cycle, so every other month a different colored face of the moon presents himself. Next, a luminova or grand feu enamel dial. Then, two layers of Stepan’s well known grille dials. Each set of dials are uniquely fashioned to work with the aesthetics of each unique version of Northern Lights. There are to be four (4) variations of Northern Lights. Three (3) feature unique luminova qualities which boast the strongest lume quality available with modern technology. The “Green” version features steel case,green lume and green dlc dials.The Blue version features steel case, blue lume and blue DLC dials. The Violet version features a Black DLC steel case with violet lume and Black DLC dials. Lastly, the regal Grand Feu enamel dialed version with blue dials and lume markers in applique on the blue DLC dials.

First Deliveries April 2015
All four versions are priced the same:
14,500 Euro

The K0 Northern Lights morphing colors!

K0 Northern Lights, both sides…se the display back!

K0 Green—the nightmare!

K0 Violet

Ko Blue

K0 Blue

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