Ressence Type 1²-Squared

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Ressence Type 1²-Squared

Ressence Type 1²-Squared

The Ressence Type 1²- Squared, while remaining faithful to the DNA of RESSENCE, it differs distinctly from the rest of the collection in its design. Born from the intersection of 6 spheres, it has a cushion shape case.

The case of the Ressence TYPE 1² squared is thinner than other Ressence watches,due to the absence of the sapphire case back acting as a crown. Instead, there is a small retractable lever, the handling of which adds a new visual and physical effect. When setting the time, the rotation of the lever corresponds exactly to the movement of the discs on the dial in a ratio of 1 to 1. An up-to-date reminder of the key once used to wind clocks, watches and mechanical toys.


Ressence watches are designed from the outside to the inside. Although strikingly innovative, the technologies implemented are relegated behind the scenes. What is most important is the user experience on looking at a watch that seems to project the temporal indications onto the glass. Its mono-surface dial is composed of discs and rings adjusted to the micron. Exit the physical hands. They are replaced by graphical lines in order to reproduce the angles through which we are accustomed to reading the time. All RESSENCE watches share the same inimitable DNA. The main dial, as well as the auxiliary dials, revolve continuously, behaving like moons around a planet. This means that the face of the watch changes continuously – which is the essence of Time, from Ressence.

The “X”, launched January 2021, uses information gathered with Harvard professors to assimilate an indication of colored ceramic balls to the time of day. A first in mechanical watchmaking!

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MSRP $20,600

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