Frank Huyghe, of RALF Tech, has just released the latest model series based on a new case known as the WRV.The case is 43.5mm, significantly smaller, slimmer and lighter than the original RALF Tech WRX models.The WRV, adds a new dimension for RALF Tech, after great successes with the WRX.
The series will feature the WRV “A” Hybrid, The WRV “1977” limited edition of 77 watches and the WRV
“Pirates” limited edition series.

The newest RALF Tech WRV case style is very reminiscent of the sports watches of the 1970’s. The sports watches of this era began the style of larger sports cases, built with the idea of sports minded watch lovers. The WRV eschews this very spirit. The spirit of adventure that beckons the sportsman to wander outdoors and seek the comforts of the wind and sea. The clean lines and meticulous finish of the WRV will be timeless for any sports watch enthusiasts.

RALF Tech WRV 1977 “Volcano”

RALF Tech WRV “Pirates”

RALF Tech WRV “A” Hybrids

RALF Tech WRV 1977 “Vintage”

RALF Tech WRV “Riviera”

RALF Tech WRV 1977 “Royale” 5N PVD markers

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