Kudoke – Kudoke 1

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Kudoke – Kudoke 1

The Kudoke 1, featuring the Kudoke Kalibre 1, is the “next step” for watchmaker Stefan Kudoke of Germany.

Stefan Kudoke is known for his exceptional watch creations. He has been manufacturing extravagant skeleton watches, with elaborate engravings, exclusively by hand since more than 10 years. “KudOktopus”, his most famous model, it is iconic amongst watch collectors worldwide by now. During the last years he concentrated on perfecting the art of hand skeletonizing. Now Stefan Kudoke is going a step further: by developing his own manufacture movement.

“During the development of Kaliber 1 I got inspired by the design of historical English pocket watches whose use of forms I deliberately incorporated into my movement. Ages ago I bought an old English pocket watch movement, that lay unused in a drawer for a long time. One day it fell into my hands again – just as the idea of an own movement began to take shape. “

Kudoke 1

In the past, intensive cooperations existed between German and English watchmaking. The German diplomat and astronomer Hans Moritz von Brühl, supported English precision watchmaking  (by patronizing Thomas Mudge) and finally bringing precision watchmaking to Saxony and Dresden. By doing so, he set an important milestone for the now famous art of Saxon watchmaking. “With our new watch movement I would like to tie in with tradition and honour the old Masters.” says Stefan Kudoke, who makes a home and workshop in Saxony.

Based on the watch movement Kaliber 1 , KUDOKE is going to come up with a new line of models extending the range of “art watches” and at the same time keep his typical signature of handcraft perfection and artistic creativity. Also, with his first movement, Stefan Kudoke sets a great value upon the refinement of the watch components by hand. Stefan enjoys the polishing of edges of bridges or steel parts. He does the engravings and the surface treatment of the wheel bridge using a special reaming technology. All of the steps of the finishing process are carried out by hand exclusively.

Technical Facts:

KUDOKE Kaliber 1

• Diameter 30 mm; Height 4.3 mm

• Indication of hours, minutes, small second at 9 o’clock

• 28.800 half-oscillations/hour (4Hz)

• Manual winding movement with 46 hours power reserve

• Fine adjustment with tangent screws

•Amagnetic escapement with Carl-Haas balance spring in Chronometer quality

• KIF-shock protection • 18 jewels

• Finish by hand with polished edges, decorative grindings etc.

• Special reaming technology to finish the surface of the wheel bridge (by hand)

• Hand engraved balance cock

• Screwed small plate with hand engraved KUDOKE Logo

For More Details: https://www.kudoke.eu/home-edition-en.html


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