Gustafsson & Sjögren

Gustafsson & Sjögren

Gustafsson & Sjögren Watches are the result of the fusion of two historic arts by two passionate artisans. Johan Gustafsson is a master bladesmith, from Norsholm, Sweden.Johan specializes in the use of Damscus steel, an ancient art of the tedious forging, drawing and folding mixed layers of iron and steel. The result is a truly unique metal matrix that is visually stunning. Patrik Sjögren is a watchmaker that is quickly propelling himself into a the world of unique Haute Horology. Patrik trained at Swedish Watchmaking school, earning top honors. The Swedish watchmaking school is the only Scandanavian watchmaking school that is qualified for training and certification of watchmakers, on the level of the prestigious WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland. The symbiotic relationship of two passionate craftsman has yielded some very unique watches.


Norrsken is named after the Northern Lights, this timepiece captures the appearance of swirling green lights dancing across northern skies. The watch draws upon the expertise of various artisans and encompasses a choice of a Damascus steel dial or a hand-guilloché dial. A handblown index ring, formed of Swedish crystal, allows an extraordinary degree of luminescence to pass through its clear surface, flooding the dial with vivid green tones. The Norrsken is available with a choice of case rings, dials and bezels. At the heart of the watch is the Calibre GoS03, featuring premium finishing and a customised micro-rotor hand-forged in Damascus steel.

The Norrsken, housed in a 41.5mm stainless steel case, encompasses an array of materials. It is available with a Damascus steel dial, a material synonymous with GoS, or a hand-guilloché dial. This latter option is produced in collaboration with the renowned guilloché specialist, Jochen Benzinger. Both dial options evince the same captivating green hue.

An index ring, encircling the dial, is produced by Swedish master craftsman, Mikael Kenlind of Vas Vitreum. This clear index ring is hand-sculpted and handblown in Swedish crystal, a rare form of glass seldom seen outside of the country. Twelve small fixation points hold the index ring in place, allowing a degree of flex and thereby mitigating the risk of damage should the watch be subject to impact. James Thompson and his company, Black Badger, again based in Sweden, provide an insert ring cast from solid Badgerite. This solid lume material, developed in collaboration with Swiss firm, RC Tritec, the makers of SuperLumiNova, is positioned behind the glass index ring. The clear glass ring refracts light into the case, creating a mesmerising green shimmer. A further application of lume is positioned below the index ring near the exposed dial area, enhancing the readability of the indexes. A special colour of lume and method of application were developed specifically for this watch. This means of illumination shuns any form of electronics or high-tech luminescence, concepts alien to GoS, a firm which is renowned for employing traditional handcraftsmanship. Spear-shaped hour and minute hands convey the prevailing time, while the GoS triskele indicates the running seconds. Both the index ring and seconds display are recessed within the dial which is filled with SuperLumiNova. With the Northern Lights Damascus steel dial, a series of Super-LumiNova dots are positioned below the GoS triskele seconds hand, producing an animated effect as the hand rotates.

Norrsken -Damascus steel with Guilloche dial by Jochen Benzinger

Norrsken- Black Damascus Steel case, black Damascus Steel bezel, Tempered Damascus Steel dial

TROLLIUS: GoS introduce another layer of artistic complexity with an engraved piece and gold accents. The watch is a result of a collaboration with Swedish artisan Anders Hedlund, who is regarded to be one of the world´s best knifemakers and engravers. Anders suggested the use of polished 24k gold pins, which is something premium knifemakers use to embellish their work. The working-name of the new watch became Sarek Trollius as Trollius Europaeus is a flower with yellow buds that is common in the Sarek National Park of northern Sweden. The scrollwork for the watch is similar to the petals of the Trollius flower and the gold pins emulate the yellow buds. Patrik Sjögren learned the technique to be able to introduce gold pins onto the dial as well.
For Sarek Trollius, both the dial and the rotor counter weight are made from Johan Gustafsson´s dense and organic damascus steel. The dial is in Johan’s wildflower pattern and the rotor is a cutout from a traditional ladder woodgrain damascus. Sarek Trollius is the first GoS watch to feature engraved movement parts.


SAREK~ The pattern and natural tempered coloring of the Sarek dial is inspired by the landscape of a valley in Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland. The Sarek National Park is regarded to be a national treasure of Sweden and often referred to as Europe’s last true wilderness area. It hosts the largest Moose (Älg) in Europe and is also home to 100 glaciers and six of Sweden’s 13 highest peaks. The park is 2000 square kilometers of majestic and untouched wilderness and its remoteness are matched only by the breathtaking beauty of its peaks, valleys and fast-running mountain rivers.


Sarek “Arctic Blue”

Sarek with Greens to Violet

Sarek with Reds to Violet

In 2018 GoS is realizing a watch in the image of a Sarek with a Bronze case, is the “Varing” or the Viking leader “Va Ring”

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