Grönefeld 1969 Deltaworks

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Grönefeld 1969 Deltaworks

Grönefeld 1969 Deltaworks 

The Horological Brothers are proud of their heritage as well as the nation they call home, the Netherlands. Inspired by the Dutch ‘Delta Works’, Bart and Tim have conceived their first sports utility watch, the aptly named 1969 DeltaWorks which also references the year Bart was born.

The model is designed to cope with the perils of water ingress and shocks while still upholding the elevated standards of horology and traditional craftsmanship that are synonymous with the Grönefeld name.

When designing this watch, Bart & Tim wanted to produce a model that indulged purists with a remarkable choice of colours and styles. The 1969 DeltaWorks is available with 3 different dial designs/colours, 5 different strap options and, finally, a choice of stainless steel inserts or colour-coordinated FKM rubber-clad inserts.

1969 Deltaworks -The Movement- No Compromises

When conceiving the 1969 DeltaWorks, Bart & Tim were keen to ensure the watch was suitable for daily wear and compatible with an active lifestyle. With this in mind, they decided it must feature a self-winding movement encompassing the same exalted finishing as other Grönefeld timepieces. Put simply, the brother’s wouldn’t countenance any compromises. As such, the resultant movement, the calibre G-06, is worthy of the term ‘Haute Horlogerie’.

Brand devotees may recognise the calibre G-06, an automatic movement first used within the company’s 1941 Principia Automatic. However, while many elements have been carried over to the 1969 DeltaWorks, there are some additional details which enhance robustness, imbuing this version with its own distinctive character.

For instance, a notable feature specific to this model is the distinctive oscillating weight. The openworked architecture features four stainless steel arms, presented in a double-spoke design. These arms are connected to an 18K gold mass adorned with a wave motif. Each of the four arms is positioned beneath the gold mass and projects beyond, sitting above a circular ledge. Should the watch be subject to a sudden shock, the elongated arms will prevent the oscillating mass touching the inside of the sapphire crystal or striking the bridges below.

The 1969 DeltaWorks movement is intended for the most discerning watch collectors. The rotor is completely hand finished and turns on ceramic ball bearings, preventing wear and eliminating the need for lubrication. Meanwhile, the stainless-steel bridges replicate the façades of traditional Dutch houses, termed ‘bell gables’. Each bridge features a micro-blasted central section, framed with a hand-bevelled gleaming edge. Some of the bridges also feature relief engraving. Each movement is fitted with a plate engraved with ‘ΔW’ (signifying DeltaWorks) along with its unique movement number.

The Grönefeld 5-arm, double spoke gear train wheels exhibit a contemporary character, but their circular grained surfaces pay due reverence to fine watchmaking tradition. Their design, as well as the bevelled escape wheel teeth, prevent the oil from dissipating, thereby mitigating wear. The free-sprung balance mitigates positional influence and delivers superior rate stability. The escapement is adjusted to heat-cold, isochronism and six positions.

Gold chatons stand testament to the no-compromise specification of this movement. In addition, the mirror polished screws feature chamfered rims and slots. Numerous surfaces gleam, courtesy of the mirror-polishing which has been patiently executed by time-served hands. The inventory of different decorations includes snailed, grained, spotted and frosted surfaces, indulging the desires of purists.

Once again, there are no compromises. Everything is reassuringly Grönefeld.

1969 DeltaWorks: € 49,800.00

1969 Deltaworks Movement

Calibre G-06
Movement Dimensions Diameter: 32.0 mm
Thickness: 5.5 mm
Number of Parts 231 parts
Power Reserve 56 hours
Number of Jewels 31 jewels, partially set in solid gold chatons
Automatic System Uni-directional winding mechanism.
For 24 hours of autonomy 633 rotations of the Oscillating mass are required
Oscillating Mass Entirely decorated by hand. 18 karat solid gold segment. Stainless steel centre pivoted on a high precision ceramic ball bearing to avoid excessive wear. To prevent damage to the movement and winding mass the extremities of the 4 arms are extended and guided by the case and case-back
Balance Wheel Variable-inertia balance wheel with four white gold timing screws (diameter 10 mm)
Frequency 21.600 vibrations/hour
Balance Spring Free sprung with triangle hairspring stud
Escapement Jewelled Swiss lever
Main Plate Spotted and ruthenium electroplated brass main plate
Bridges Stainless steel, bevels polished by hand, micro-blasted center, circular grain on the top to highlight the bridges shapes and relief engravings
Displays Central hours and minutes
Small seconds at 6 o’clock

1969 Deltaworks Case and dial

Number of components 68 parts
Dimensions Diameter incl. case inserts: 44.5 mm
Diameter bezel: 43.3 mm
Thickness: 12.5 mm
Water Resistance 10 atmospheres – 100 meters – 330 feet
Material Stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4435)
Crown Screw down crown. Triple gaskets with upright logo
Hands Flame-blued or polished steel extended Lancette hands with blue light emitting Super-LumiNova® Grade X1. Small poised seconds hand
Strap Integrated FKM rubber strap available in black, olive, blue, white or orange
Clasp Stainless steel 316L micro adjustable (7 increments over 9mm). Embossed Grönefeld and logo engraving. Opening must be done by operating both push buttons at once
Crystals Domed sapphire crystal on the front with hard anti-reflective coating on both sides
Flat sapphire crystal on the back with hard anti-reflective coating on both sides
Total Weight 135 Grams

DeltaWorks.mp4 from Grönefeld on Vimeo.

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