Bremont Watches – Armed Forces Collection

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Bremont Watches – Armed Forces Collection

Bremont Watches adds a great new three piece “Armed Forces Collection”.

The three watches in the Bremont Armed Forces Collection are all inscribed “Her Majesty’s Armed Forces” on the casebacks and “HMAF” on the matte black dials.

The Broadarrow Pilots.

The Argonaut, all around submersible.

The Arrow-monopusher chronograph

The iconic MBii , now a special for it’s 10th Anniversary. There’s even a version with a bracelet! The unique white dial with Martin Baker Ejection “WARNING” dial. The case is entirely Stainless Steel.

The Supermarine 2000 in new Yellow or Red higlights!

The S2000 is the only watch which comes in this unique Stainless Steel and titanium case. To date, there’s been exactly one choice. Now, a fresh re-look at the S2000 gives lovers of this model (I own one myself) the chance to add a pop of color!

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