Habring² Perpetual Doppel

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Habring² Perpetual Doppel

The Habring² Perpetual Doppel -A Little Bit of Eternity.
Compared to the normal life expectancy of a high-quality mechanical wristwatch, 15 years is a relatively short period of time. With a little bit of luck, your watch will need no more than just the second works service.
However, 15 years are enough to write watch history. Habring² have anchored their small but fine brand in the minds of watch lovers all over the world by winning the “Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Géneve” (GPHG), the so-called “Watch Oscar”, four times. – This achievement is a first in the history of this competitive and ultra-commercial market. On top of that, Habring² has developed our very own movement and manufacture it in small series.The Habring² Perpetual Doppel features a modular movement, which was unveiled in 2014 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Habring² brand,has culminated in the latest version, A11P. It is not only made for eternity but also displays it. Maria and Richard Habring are proud of their most recent creation, the Perpetual Doppel.

Habring² Perpetual Doppel

Doppel Felix & Doppel Felix-D

Its godfather was the First Prize winner of last year’s GPHG, the Habring² Doppel Felix, which is now literally being crowned with a perpetual calendar. Responsible for this creation is none other than the well-known manufacturer, Dubois-Depraz, from the “Swiss valley of watchmakers”, the Vallé de Joux. Thanks to the clever adaptation to the proprietary split-second chronograph, we have created the most complicated Habring² to date. Habring² Perpetual DoppelFortunately, the renowned basic virtues of the products made in Völkermarkt,Austria have not been neglected: reliability and the suitability for everyday use.
The Habring² Perpetual Doppel captivates – which is unusual for a chronograph with a perpetual calendar – with an excellent readability of date, day of the week, month with leap year display, and moon phase, in addition to the time display and an intermediate stop function with 30-minute counter. The stainless-steel case is made of Austrian Böhler Steel nestles discreetly on the wrist despite its stately 43mm diameter.
The silver dial with its red-gilded Arabic numbers produced using the “par épargne” technology is classically subtle. Diamond-cut, red-gilded hands for the time display and additional hands made of blued steel for the stop function provide clarity and a good overview.Habring² Perpetual Doppel
Despite being manually wound, the future owner doesn’t need to be afraid of having to correct the perpetual calendar. A total of four hidden corrector devices ensure that the display is corrected in the shortest possible time if necessary.
Since we like to celebrate birthdays with friends, the first copies of the Perpetual Doppel may already be found on selected wrists. However, a few more pieces are available to order, priced at €21,500.








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