Andreas Strehler – Master Watchmaker

Master watchmaker Andreas Strehler loves watches. It’s a theme, pervasive in his work life.  Andreas is a true independent watchmaker and has been since 1995.

Trans-Axial Tourbillon In his quest for perfection, Andreas Strehler has designed, constructed and built a movement where internal influences on the already linear power supply from the epicyclically limited twin mainspring barrels is filtered through a Remontoir d’égalité and transferred to a Tourbillon escapement mounted on the same axis to eliminate the influence of gravity on the escapement. ===Voilà the Trans-axial® Remontoir Tourbillon. The Trans-axial® Remontoir Tourbillon escapement is hand wound, using Andreas Strehler’s own true conical gear wheels (which are the envy of the watch industry).To show the power left in the two mainspring barrels, the movement has a power reserve indication using an extremely small differential gear, another speciality .