Sarpaneva K0 Seasons

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Sarpaneva K0 Seasons

The Sarpaneva K0 Seasons are a unique series from Stepan Sarpaneva. Stepan Sarpaneva of Helsinki, Finland does it again! Stepan is happy to present the K0 Seasons!
Sarpaneva builds on the explosive notoriety of the K0 “Northern Lights” and offers a new K0
in it’s “simplest” format in the 46mm case to date, reflective of the Seasons in the Northern Hemisphere. The latest Sarpaneva K0 (Four) Seasons features four distinct different aesthetics, each with a unique luminous back dial concept by Black Badger (of Sweden)and Advanced Composites. All of the Seasons editions start with the 46mm Stainless Steel Korona K0 diver case, featuring the iconic Sarpaneva Moon-face embossed on the caseback! The Four Seasons begin with Spring, A full DLC case, with a new color, Aqua luminous dial Summer, the diabolical Green DLC dial with green lume back dial in a stainless case Autumn, a complex two toned case of titanium nitride coated case, with dlc coated bezel and violet luminous back dial with purple dlc grille dial and blued handset Winter, crisp blue dlc grille dial with blue luminous dial and stainless steel case A tough choice, even for those with Sarpaneva already in their collections!

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USD$ 11,000




Sarpaneva Seasons with Moonphase (Each a piece unique) SOLD OUT



“The Horophile” visits Helsinki and Sarpaneva’s mad lab, October 2015

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