Romain Jerome

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Romain Jerome

Romain Jerome, a brand founded in 2004. The brand was founded with a unique outlook on watchmaking and watch collecting. The primary concept is different from the direction that most of the industry has chosen to follow. A lot of the industry revolves around owning or finding an historic brand with a unique heritage and story. Then, market your core horological branding and values around this patrimony. Romain Jerome has blazed a trail with a completely new concept. The idea is to market watches that have the history of mankind as the primary component of each watch. The DNA of famous legends allows the collector to have the pleasure of wearing a piece of history on the wrist.

It all started with the Titanic. Romain Jerome took steel from the wreck lying 3,840 metres below the water and mixed it with a Lloyds Grade A steel,romain_jerome_titanic_watch_2 designed for the shipbuilding industry, provided by Harland and Wolff shipyard, where the Titanic was built one century ago. That was the first legend, the Sea Legend.

Romain Jerome then added the Air Legend, because the idea is to work around the concept of air, earth and sea. The most obvious and important legend in connection with air is the conquest of space. Through auctions, the manufacture got a number of Apollo 11 parts and melted the parts into steel used in the watchmaking industry. RJ Moondust DNARomain Jerome also managed to acquire real moon dust from the independent Association of Space Explorers. The moon dust was integrated it into the watches either by applying it on the dial or melting it with a silver alloy affectionately referred to as Moon SilverRJ.

In 2010 Romain Jerome launched the first Earth Legend, inspired by the famous Icelandic volcano. When the volcano erupted in Iceland, RJ designed the watch during the weekend and sent out a press release on Monday. By the end of the day they had 40 or 50 orders for the $50,000 concept. RJ were facing a big problem because they didn’t have any material. Volcano DNAThe day after they were contacted by the Icelandic Volcanological Institute, who offered to provide RJ with the materials.A helicopter was organized to pick up the material and certified it with a state organisation. The volcano had erupted in April and Romain Jerome started to deliver the first pieces in August. It was quite a risk but it turned out to be a huge success.

Romain Jerome’s products are entirely Swiss made and our movements are mechanical and manufactured specifically for RJ. Romain Jerome are using all of the traditional crafts but with a very contemporary and generational philosophy. If you take other high-end watch brands, it is like going to a museum of ancient art. What they are trying to do is bring people into a contemporary art museum. Romain Jerome are much more free, independent and daring, more provocative and irreverent. The watches are all produced in limited editions.It gives a certain value to the product. You keep price stability over time and may even give an added value on the long term. It makes the product a little more desirable and assures collectors that Romain Jerome will constantly innovate.

Romain Jerome Batman DNA-offical anniversary release with DC Comics

Romain Jerome Skylab Orange Skull Piece Unique

Romain Jerome Pac Man

Romain Jerome 1969 Heavy Metal Blue Silicium dial

Romain Jerome Pin Up DNA- DNA B17 “Pink Lady”

Romain Jerome Steampunk Black Chronograph-with Titanic stabalized bezel

Romain Jerome Steampunk Colours-Red

Romain Jerome Spacecraft-Titanium

Romain Jerome Skylab Heavy Metal

Romain Jerome Moon Dust Black Chronograph

Romain Jerome Delorean DNA Chronograph

Romain Jerome Octopus Black

Romain Jerome Steampunk Metal

Romain Jerome Moon Invader Black Metal

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