Maurice Lacroix

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Maurice Lacroix

Even if Maurice Lacroix is a comparatively young watch brand, it already can look back on a remarkable series of innovative developments. Since the beginning of the 1990’s the brand has been concentrating on the development of attractive, surprising additional functions for mechanical watch models. Today, Maurice Lacroix has demonstrated its outstanding expertise primarily in the area of retrograde displays as well as chronographs and moon phase indications. This is instantiated not least by the ML 106 manufacture movement, an exclusive chronograph caliber, but above all by the Memoire 1: With the memory function, which found its initial application in this strictly limited chronograph, Maurice Lacroix has, in the year 2008, officially presented an entirely new Grande Complication. Since the end of October 2006, Maurice Lacroix has been producing also complex movement components for mechanical calibers in its own workshops near Saignelegier. By that, the brand has taken its place in the exclusive club of Swiss manufacture brands.

Maurice Lacroix has set itself a clear objective: both through consistent preservation of the long tradition of the Swiss watchmaking art and meeting its standards, as well as creating, with its very own, innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection, extraordinary timepieces. Those who appreciate lasting value derived from the synergy of traditional watchmaking, creative development work and the latest technology, as well as aficionados seeking the extraordinary know not to entrust valuable, irrecoverable time to just any timepiece but rather to a timepiece from Maurice Lacroix.

Having focussed on developing innovative additional functions for several years and presenting the ML 106 calibre, the first movement to be designed and developed entirely in-house, at the end of 2006 Maurice Lacroix took its place in the exclusive club of Swiss Manufacture brands by producing its own complex movement components for mechanical timepieces. Highly modern workshops were established in Montfaucon in the Jura region, not far from the Maurice Lacroix watch ateliers. These workshops use the latest CNC technology to produce low-volume individual parts with high added value. Maurice Lacroix is emphasising its creative drive to differentiate its timepieces down to the tiniest detail and its desire to monitor, to the greatest possible extent, the development and manufacture of complex mechanical timepieces.

‘‘Innovative complications and movement developments, contemporary design and a heightened passion for detail and perfection.’’
Mark Gläser,Managing Director

Maurice Lacroix Pontos S Supercharged PVD

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