Laurent Ferrier -Galet Square

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Laurent Ferrier -Galet Square




The “Galet Square”, by Laurent Ferrier really starts as a beautiful poem (one of his favorites by Samivel with a title interpreted “Pebbles”).
Interpreted from native French:
“On a pebble beach, tell me what you see? Pebbles as far as the eye can reach, all apparently much alike, yet a closer look shows that some are round and some are square,
golden, garnet, jade and multicolored…”

In fact, the very word “Galet” , is indeed “Pebble”. I find this to be the perfect description of Mr.Ferrier’s cases. Each case has a classic silhouette, based in the traditions of fine watchmaking he’s lived his life perfecting. At the same time, the shapes are so fine and well considered that the balance of each watch in one’s hand is remarkable. Soft and refined in the same regard, like a zen pebble, shaped by time and nature. The new Galet Square is a soft, cushioned square, once popularized in the late 1920’s and 30’s by manufacture as well known as Rolex, Longines and Patek Philippe. A shape commonly referred to “au Carree” , “Carree” like a tank shape, yet not a Carree but “au” Carree meaning on the way to a tank shape.

Its evolution has been gentle and gradual, like the curves of minerals polished by the waves. For Laurent Ferrier, the Galet is the perfect integration of all parts of a case, as if one were holding a pebble in one’s hand. The whole challenge lay in preserving the spirit of the Galet, and of interpreting this new shape into the initial project without making a break with the past. Technically speaking, the original Galet has become a Galet square, leaning towards a cushion shape. Laurent Ferrier has devoted particular attention to the aesthetic harmony of the model. The difficulty of the exercise lay in preserving this aesthetic signature while gently shifting it towards new lines. The Galet Square, measures 41 x 41 mm and is intended to assert a bolder presence on the wrist than the models which have inspired it. The lines of the Galet Square are writing a new chapter in the evolution of the Laurent Ferrier workshops. The Galet Square is the first time that Laurent Ferrier is introducing a steel case. The Galet Square thereby opens up a whole new creative era for collections that had thus far been crafted only from rare and precious metals. The movement is still the self-winding FBN 229.01 calibre with unidirectional pawl-fitted micro-rotor and a three-day power reserve. This is the third in-house movement developed, assembled and adjusted in the Laurent Ferrier workshops. It is equipped with silicon escapement featuring double direct impulse on the balance.

Laurent Ferrier Galet Square “Retro”

GS-Stainless Steel-Anthracite dial with 18k rose gold applique and Assegai handset.



Stainless Steel with Hard enamel dial!

Stainless Steel with Champagne dial


Laurent Ferrier- Galet Square, Stainless Steel with Blue dial

Laurent Ferrier- Glaet Square, 18k rose gold with chocolate brown dial

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