Habring2 Doppel Felix

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Habring2 Doppel Felix

The Habring2 Doppel Felix is the sum parts of years of work. Maria and Richard Habring, Habring2, have been doing things their own way for more than a decade now. First, watches featured base ebauche of third party manufacture.

Maria and Richard, Habring2, built watches with their own modular complications on top of the these ebauche.

In 2014, Habring2 introduced their own “Made in Austria” manufacture calibre (A011). Felix, was born. The past few years the A011 has become the new parent calibre for all which have and will come from Habring2.

Doppel Felix is the sum of the A011 (“Felix”), optimized with the GPHG First Prize (2012) Doppel Split Seconds Chronograph module. Now, for the first time the option of a “D”, date on a pointer variation!

Via Habring²:
“Beside the split second movement developed and produced in-house and the cool and timeless Felix metallic look, Doppel Felix also convinces with a further novelty – the date module by Habring². The date is indicated by means of a hand (the fifth hand of the Doppel) pointing from the centre outwards to clearly discernible, large date digits located on the on the new, raised date ring at the edge of the dial. Combined, they form a very special, very aesthetic, large-digit date. Those who are more puristically tuned will pick the version with the tachymeter and telemeter scale in place of the date indication. What else is left from the Doppel 3 are, beside the Rattrapante, also the small running seconds hand as well as the minute counter on the auxiliary dials on the left and right next to the main hand axis.”

For even more details visit: http://www.habring2.com/index.php/en/collection/doppel-felix

Doppel Felix and Doppel Felix “D” are on Sale now.
7,750 Euro
8,250 Euro with date

Doppel Felix “D” with Date (on an extra hand with a bracket)-Silver dial

Doppel Felix -Anthracite dial

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