ZRC Grand Fonds Diver

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ZRC Grand Fonds Diver

The Zuccolo Rochet Company was founded in 1904 as a partnership between Edmond Zuccolo and Joseph Rochet. Thus, ZRC (Grand Fonds).

In the early 1960’s, Louis Brunet and the Annecy (France) diving team (with several members employed by ZRC), launched plans for an affordable and efficient diving watch.
Messrs Pastre and Digne, watchmakers in Toulon and friends of the ZRC sales supervisor (Mr.Bourdarias) contributed to the creation of the Grand Fonds 300.

The French Navy granted it’s official approval of the Grand Fonds 300 in 1960. Afterward, the French Navy explained to the designers that the crown (originally at 3), was in a precarious position for underwater manipulations. The Navy asked ZRC to find a solution to protect the operating crown without impeding wrist movement and above all, to be sure it would not open while submerged. The design team set to work and designed the famous crown at 6 o’clock, connected to the case using and exclusive system consisting of a canon cut from a single block, which made the Grand Fonds 300 the first and only watch to be equipped with a 100% monobloc case. The case was machined in a particular type of steel reinforced with molybdenum which is completely antimagnetic (a necessity for the Mine Clearance Divers Group).

Flash forwards, In 2004, the great grandsons (Charles and George Brunet) of Joseph Rochet set out to revitalize ZRC. In 2015, the Grand Fonds 300 is reborn! ZRC has decided to continue the adventure by re-releasing a new Swiss-made version of this revolutionary watch. Available for purchase from 2015, two models of the watch will be on offer: the re-edition, which is 100% faithful to the model produced in the 1960s for the mine clearance divers of the French Navy, and a more chic sport version, tying in with the current design trends and conventions, which has the same case, with its famous crown at 6 o’clock and bezel with luminous inserts.

The Modern Grand Fond 300

    Now, in 2017, it is a diving watch par excellence, with great diving legibility provided by its super luminous hands, its crown at 6 o’clock protected by the CPS© (Crown Protection System), ETA movement, unidirectional notched bezel, reverse direction winding mechanism and diver’s strap. The new Grands Fonds 300 proudly asserts its original identity. Moving from a case diameter of 36 to 40.5 mm, which is more in line with current trends, the watch has been given a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal. The addition of chamfers to the case/strap ensemble makes it very pleasant to wear.If one chooses the stainless steel bracelet option, the bracelet is fitted with a unique feature.Two links are fitted with a spring loaded sliding mechanism. It easily allows the wearer a simple way to wear a Grand Fond over the sleeve of a wetsuit without and expansion link or any adjustment. With its clean lines and sleek esthetics, the new Grands Fonds 300 pays homage to its heritage and represents a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation.

    ZRC Grand Fonds 300 in DLC finish $3,250

    ZRC Grand Fonds 300 with expanding spring-loaded bracelet $3,350

    ZRC Grand Fonds 300 with Petit hands and Date $2,750

    ZRC Spirit 1964 with DLC finish $3,350

    ZRC Spirit 1964 $3,350 on calf :$3,050 on NATO canvas : $3,850 on Bracelet

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