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Gustafsson & Sjögren Watches are the result of the fusion of two historic arts by two passionate artisans. Johan Gustafsson is a master bladesmith, from Norsholm, Sweden.Johan specializes in the use of Damscus steel, an ancient art of the tedious forging, drawing and folding mixed layers of iron and steel. The result is a truly unique metal matrix that is visually stunning. Patrik Sjögren is a watchmaker that is quickly propelling himself into a the world of unique Haute Horology. Patrik trained at Swedish Watchmaking school, earning top honors. The Swedish watchmaking school is the only Scandanavian watchmaking school that is qualified for training and certification of watchmakers, on the level of the prestigious WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland. The symbiotic relationship of two passionate craftsman has yielded some very unique watches.

Gustafsson & Sjögren have been developing and producing their watches over the last few years. The initial calibre has been the ETA/Unitas 6498. The Unitas calibre was originally designed for pocket watches and has evolved into a a venerable handwound calibre for wristwatches. The Unitas 6498 has all of the elements needed to produce watches of marine chronometer standards, with long term durability and serviceability in mind. GoS watches featuring the Unitas 6498 have dials and cases made of Damascus steel, hand forged by Johan Gustafsson. In addition, the Damascus dials have been painstakingly heat tempered to color and enhance the already stunning look of Damascus steel. The watches, produced in very small series, have details unique to each series. Patrik Sjögren personally hand details and assembles each calibre and each watch with great commitment to the lasting nature of their mutual work.

In 2012, GoS a natural collaboration, embarked on yet another collaboration. The new collaboration is with another fine independent watchmaker, Martin Braun. Martin Braun, of Antoine Martin Horology has developed a new calibre that is conceived with many of the same guiding principals that were originally used when the Unitas 6498 was developed. Specifically, a very large and powerful barrel/mainspring combined with an oversized gear train and a very large balance wheel and escapement. The collaboration allows GoS to use this unique architecture of the Martin Braun calibre, in combination with the special Damascus art of Johan Gustafsson. The result, bridges of Damascus steel and a calibre that is completely hand finished and detailed by Patrik Sjögren. In coordination with near bespoke Damascus cases and hand heat tempered Damascus dials and handmade hands sets. The watches are a completely new and unique outlook on horology, resulting from the synthesis of artisans all striving to deliver their passions into unique mechanical art. The aesthetic is completely Nordic, with focus on exuding the colors, tones and forms of the natural World.

In 2014, GoS, launches it’s latest watch, the Bifrost Isbla.
“Bifrost Isblå is the first model in our new Bifrost collection that features Johan Gustafsson’s newly developed “high contrast” stainless damascus steel.
Bifrost is the poetic name of the sacred rainbow bridge in Norse mythology. The rainbow bridge was thought to connect the earth (Midgård) and the realm of the gods (Asgård). GoS tempered damascus
steel dials require natural light to generate their dynamic colors, much in the same way that a rainbow appears only when light shines through the moist air.

Isblå is the first model to be featured in the Bifrost collection and captures the blue nuances that can be found in thick ice. Every watch is a unique piece and is numbered in sequence and every Bifrost model is limited to 25pcs and will be followed by further color themed models.
We are very excited about the “high contrast” stainless damascus steel which Johan Gustafsson invented and refined the creation process during the autumn of 2013. This material gives us another edge on our previous models with the ability to have a more defined pattern on the cases and other details. There are only a handful of bladesmiths who have succeeded in making pattern-welded stainless steel. However, Johan has taken it to the level where he is now able to create the same kind of dense and expressive patterns in his new stainless damascus steel as when he is working in carbon based steel.

The Bifrost collection use the new steel in both the case and the rotor, which is shaped as the GoS triskele symbol. The design of the case and case back is such that the weight of the rotor will be hidden, showing only the movement and the triskele damascus steel rotor. The GoS triskele is a triple blade shape with a design that is loosely based on triskele symbols that are common in ancient Nordic and Celtic symbols. One of the most famous of these symbols is the interlicked triple horn that symbolise the god Oden (and his drinking habits).

The watches are delivered in a presentation box that is individually crafted in traditional Scandinavian techniques.”
Case: Stainless steel and stainless “high contrast” damascus steel 42.5mmx9.5mm (5ATM)
Lug width: 22mm
Glass: Flat sapphire glass with AR coating
Movement: Swiss automatic – Soprod A10
Movement refinement: Finished with circular Geneva stripes and specified to chronometre grade.
Movement customization: GoS symbol damascus steel rotor
Dial: Solid damascus steel tempered to an ice blue nuance
Index ring/rehaut: Solid 18K white gold
Hands: Solid 18K white gold shaped and polished by hand
Crown: 8mm in finegrained stainless damascus stainless steel, double gasket crown inset
Case finishing: “High contrast” stainless damascus steel, high gloss polished with GoS logo engraved on
case side.
Strap: Handcrafted soft nubuck leather, fitted with GoS stainless steel buckle
Every watch engraved with its production number
Limitation: 25pieces
Two year guarantee

Bifrost Isbla:

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