Gustafsson & Sjögren

Gustafsson & Sjögren Watches are the result of the fusion of two historic arts by two passionate artisans. Johan Gustafsson is a master bladesmith, from Norsholm, Sweden.Johan specializes in the use of Damscus steel, an ancient art of the tedious forging, drawing and folding mixed layers of iron and steel. The result is a truly unique metal matrix that is visually stunning. Patrik Sjögren is a watchmaker that is quickly propelling himself into a the world of unique Haute Horology. Patrik trained at Swedish Watchmaking school, earning top honors. The Swedish watchmaking school is the only Scandanavian watchmaking school that is qualified for training and certification of watchmakers, on the level of the prestigious WOSTEP watchmaking school in Switzerland. The symbiotic relationship of two passionate craftsman has yielded some very unique watches.

The latest GoS model is named after the most famous National Park in Sweden – Sarek. The GoS Sarek was introduced as a prototype during Baselworld 2016 and has since been produced in a limited pre-production series this past Summer. The new Sarek has the largest damascus steel dial we’ve made to date, and is the first GoS watch to feature several new design elements with a subtle Viking inspiration.
The final design presented in this press release displays refinements in the case with an added curved chamfer of the lugs and a curved shape to the case ring. Both the chapter ring and the case ring draw inspiration from authentic Viking bracelets and brooches. This becomes more apparent with the refined case ring. Sarek is also the first GoS model to feature the new GoS crown, which is shaped much like the form of a Viking sword hilt. The neck of the GoS crown is deeply recessed into the case, thereby securing the crown and mechanism from side impacts. The new GoS hands are high gloss polished in a Dauphine finish with a center ridge which bears a closer resemblance to the Viking arrow and spear heads that inspired us when we created our first GoS hands.
Sarek leather straps are made from select Moose leather that has received a special treatment to shrink the grain. Moose leather is known to be very durable and the treatment adds a nice lustre to the highly visible grain. The Sarek is powered by a Soprod A10 movement that has been customized with a GoS triskele rotor. The dark GoS rotor has a circular satinization as finish and is equipped with an additional rhodinated counter weight, which has polished bevels and satinized surface.

Panoramic view over Rapadalen from summit of Skierfe, Sarek National Park, Lapland, Sweden

The pattern and natural tempered coloring of the Sarek dial is inspired by the landscape of a valley in Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland. The Sarek National Park is regarded to be a national treasure of Sweden and often referred to as Europe’s last true wilderness area. It hosts the largest Moose (Älg) in Europe and is also home to 100 glaciers and six of Sweden’s 13 highest peaks. The park is 2000 square kilometers of majestic and untouched wilderness and its remoteness are matched only by the breathtaking beauty of its peaks, valleys and fast-running mountain rivers.

Specification – GoS Sarek
● Case: 43.0mmx10.5mm (5ATM)
● Lug width: 22mm
● Glass: Domed sapphire glass with double sided AR coating, extra hard on outside
● Movement: Soprod A10 with GoS triskele rotor, dark satinized and with rhodinated addititional counter
weight, also satinized and with bolished bevels
● Dial: 164 layered steel Damascus steel with a Pool pattern and a Tempered coloring of dial.
● Index ring/rehaut: Two layers combining previous GoS design with inspiration from viking bracelets.
● Hands: GoS spear shape in high gloss polished Rhodinated finish
● Crown: GoS design in highgloss polished with satinized grooves. 7mm in diameter and with double
● Case finishing: Stainless steel worked and finished with inspiration from viking bracelets.
● Strap: Handcrafted Moose leather fitted with stainless steel GoS buckle.
● Every watch engraved with “Sarek 1/1” to indicate that every watch is a unique piece in addition to a serial
● Five year guarantee

Sarek “Arctic Blue”

Sarek with Greens to Violet

Srek with Reds to Violet

In 2018 GoS is realizing a watch in the image of a Sarek with a Bronze case, is the “Varing” or the Viking leader “Va Ring”

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