Bremont Watch Co.

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Bremont Watch Co.

Bremont Watch Company is the sum of two brothers passion for mechanical watches. The two brothers, Nick and Giles English, were raised with a father that was passionate for vintage aircraft. The brothers grew up instilled with the passion for flying and for vintage aircraft.

The Bremont name and the watches were born of an adventure. Nick and Giles were flying across France in their vintage 1930’s biplane when engine trouble forced an early landing, with the threat of foul weather closing. The brothers set down on a farmers field. The gracious farmer helped the brothers to push the biplane into his barn to shelter their aircraft from the approaching foul weather. Nick and Giles were fortunate to spend the night with the friendly aged farmer who treated them to his tales of flying and a tour of his workshop. The aged farmer was an engineer that had flown in the war. He has multiple clocks in various stages of restoration and also wore his own fathers’ wristwatch. The memory of this occasion sparked the brothers inspiration for the name Bremont. The aged farmers’ name was Antoine Bremont.

The brother’s business and passion for  maintaining and restoring historic aircraft led directly to the development of a business around their other great passion, mechanical WATCHES!  Bremont set up a small workshop in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland and began the endeavour of engineering and producing watches that are designed and built to withstand the tecnical pressures of flying.

I first saw the Bremont Watches a few years ago. My first impression was around the unique case design. The cases are modular and very interesting. The three largest case components each are designed to work together. The lugs and bezel form a carriage that supports the watchcase and the sapphire lens. The watch cases are produced of titanium and pvd stainless steel with a horizontal fluted finish (the MB model features a unique watch case in colored anodized finishes!). The case back itself is a frame with sapphire lens, affixed to the case with a series of screws. Bremont watch cases are treated to a special process in which the case is heat treated and diffused with carbon, then bombarded with electrons. The result, a case that’s nine(9) times harder than standard stainless steel, making the cases highly resistant to impacts and scratching. All Bremont watches are COSC certified Chronometeres with certificates. Each watch is tested by Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometeres, regulated to run +/- 4 to 6 seconds per day. The Bremont watchmakers then hand assemble and test each watch at Bremont workshops. As of Autumn 2012, production and technical facilities have all been established at Henley on Thames in the United Kingdom. The new workshops are under the direction of Technical Director, Peter Roberts. Bremont will be proud to to mark new production with, “LONDON” on the dials.

Bremont’s  collection now features aviator models in both automatic three handed and automatic chronograph formats.  Now, also an special anti-shock aviators model, the MB (named aptly for Martin Baker ejector chairs) and the Supermarine divers’ model. A great collection of sports models for any collector.


Martin Baker ii

Supermarine models

Alt-1 C



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