Bremont- 2017

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Bremont- 2017

Bremont has been consistently growing, while continuing to try to retain their ideals as brand.
In the beginnings, watches were produced for Bremont to their specifications, in Switzerland. Now, years on, Bremont has continually reinvested in their roots as an English/British Brand-manufacture. Their first steps were to open an atelier in Henley on Thames. Bremont Uk quickly outgrew their new digs and pressed to build a state of the art production facility in Silverstone. Any F1 fan(atic) can identify with the long heritage and mystique of the utterance “Silverstone”. While Bremont is not racing cars (yet) or building cars, they are building watches, more importantly they now have production of cases online in Silverstone. This means milling (multiple materials), heat treating and finishing cases. So, it’s no surprise that the folks at Bremont decided NOT to participate in BaselWorld Fair in Switzerland for 2017. Yet, they chose to bring their Global partners to their neck of the woods in London, to a unique townhouse which is everything Bremont. You want to see what they’ve shown their dealers and cognoscenti? Have a look at what’s new for 2017!

The new 40mm Supermarine S300 Divers in the newest 40mm case.

The new Airco and Airco Mark ii


Bremont for Jaguar Mark ii

Bremont P2 Chronograph

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